Monday, 18 March 2013

sketchbook and images

Isn't it strange when you begin some work thinking you know roughly the direction you are taking with it, and then you realise somewhere you took an unexpected turn and the artistic process has led you into unplanned, unknown territory?  I had imagined that what I would draw in the day at the British Museum would be shapes and patterns, and I did a little of that. But when I sat down yesterday to review photos and sketches, what has emerged are faces and torsos. 

The Sainsbury Gallery of African Art stole my heart, and I want to spend more time there.  The textile exhibition of African printed cloths was a timely reminder to me how the wearing and use of textiles is so bound up with questions of power, status and politics.

The current exhibition of Ice Age art was humbling, as you gazed at such ancient artefacts and the work of unknown artists portraying their world and lives.

Combining the sketchbook course I took with Dionne Swift a couple of weeks ago and these last few days work, will be an interesting journey in the days ahead as I begin to redraw and abstract shapes and designs from my sketchbooks.

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