Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sheep even in London !

Look what we found yesterday morning in the middle of London. We had gone to Somerset House to see some exhibitions and there in the rain
 (yep everything was authentic !)
was a trailer and a farmer and his flock. But we loved the coloured sheep best !

The exhibition about wool was wonderfully colourful and Esther ran from room to room getting more and more excited ....

Then a Landscape photographic exhibition which saw us debating what we consider  makes a wonderful landscape photo all the way home to Scotland.
Finally but not least we even managed to get in and see the Picasso exhibition- amazing what he was painting at the age of nineteen.Too short a time for such wonderful exhibitions but the plane back from Luton was awaiting us and we were missing the croft even after just three days away !

Today is a wonderful morning, we woke to sunshine and the best landscape in the world and of course to our own sheep and goats. But all those coloured sheep means the dye pot is out this morning and our own wool is being transformed into skeins of wonderful colours ready for all our knitting customers for the new season. (It is just the skeins of wool that get dyed and not the sheep themselves !) !

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