Sunday, 31 March 2013


After a spell of lovely weather, the garden is beginning to get tidied up after the winter gales.Nestled behind the box hedging I planted a few hellebores, plants that I can't live without, but that don't really like the climate and soil here. After four years they are finally established and their blooms through dark days have brought us  to this glorious Easter morning. They have withstood the worst of rain, frost and winds and are rather unobtrusive plants that don't look spectacular for the rest of the year. A bit like the people in life that have meant the most to me, those who live simply, often quietly, dealing with all that life has thrown at them with dignity and keeping their own shape and integrity come what may. I decided that for me Easter is hellebore shaped. Whatever it means to you to have this holiday, as Spring in the UK hovers on the horizon, we wish you a blooming good time.

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