Saturday, 20 April 2013

The unexpected wheel of life !

Well I am beginning the second assignment in my watercolour module and the subject of still life has arrived. I have always loved looking at still life arrangements - here is one of my all time favourites by Shirley Trevena called "Blue still life with black screens"

To begin to think about setting up my own still life arrangement before painting requires me to try and think clearly about line, shape, shadow and colour contrast and I am enjoying the challenge. But then you finally arrive at an arrangement - all is settled and the moment comes for the watercolour to hit the paper and wham !..the fluidity of where the paint travels, the unexpected and delightful mixing of colours and the still life isn't still at all. Change and new possibilities have opened up. It is so exciting and a great analogy for  life .
 Paul also had a chance to try new things with his camera this week. Visiting Brighton for work, he snatched time to wander around and try different lenses and types of subject matter. Here is one of my favourites.So enjoy the ride of life everyone, whatever direction that takes you in.

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