Sunday, 14 April 2013

Connections, distance,social media and silence !

Photo from google - but couldn't resist adding it here for you to enjoy !
I was watching some swans last week and musing on life and work back home in Wester Ross. There is always a point of balance in life and it is hard to achieve or maintain. We try and post one or two photos on facebook or a blog post each week to keep folk in touch with our work/ life/ the croft and shop here in Inverasdale. The rest of the time we are silent ! -  not being unsociable but taking time to think, plan and create. The speed of life can be astonishing so we are always delighted and appreciative when people take the time to connect back with us, by leaving a like or comment. I had a query from a friend who tried to leave a comment here but couldn't. It is simple to join as a follower of the blog and then your comments are accepted and posted. Just scroll to the bottom of this post to add your name as a follower. You will not receive any unsolicited e mails or advertisements from us just a notification of a new blog post.For us it would be great to see who is taking time to "visit" us here.And we do try and reciprocate with other folk on social media sites. We are aiming for a swan like presence - calm on the surface with a lot of work going on below the water line ! So thank you for dropping by, we have already had nearly a 1000 views of this blog since January, keep in touch and have a serene weekend.

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