Saturday, 2 August 2014

We have gone cuckoo here !

silk and velvet devore stole
Our photographic and textile work arises from all sorts of starting points. Every so often we decide on a theme and both begin to produce work "in conversation" with one another. Currently that work is centred around the phrase "bird song", as I explore making marks in stitch and paint which respond to specific bird calls. Mourning the departure of the cuckoo at the end of June I began working with the visual and audible material related to the cuckoo. Paul was wondering where the choice would take him photographically when we had two days of amazing sightings from our window, overlooking the croft. A cuckoo - just fledged, flying past the window flanked by two smaller birds. Then this morning there was our young cuckoo being fed by the parent birds as we watched and held our breath as Paul rushed for his camera .

What an amazing time we  had, we wanted to share the images with you. We think the parent birds are a pipit - but are not sure, so if you know please tell us !

 The inspiration for the themed work just went through the roof this weekend !!

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