Sunday, 4 August 2013

75 days - 75 sketches

There it has been for years - a desire to draw and paint - not just in textiles but with pen, paper,canvas, watercolour etc etc and very very slowly the desire has seen the daylight -  I was so moved when I heard David Hockney talk of his need to draw every day that I realised that if he needed to do that then so did I !
So   I decided to join this challenge of only using a pen sketch something every day for 75 days. And here I am on day 45 - trying to limit the sketch to 5- 10 minutes - fast and loose and fun ! I thought seeing my scribbles might encourage everyone to have a go - make a mark in life !

Sketches in London
  And then a sketch in Oxford.....

And finally a sketch back home !

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