Sunday, 12 May 2013

hidden suprises

There is always something memorable from a walk in this amazing part of the world, the way the light falls on the mountains or the patterns on the loch, the skies that take your breath away. But there are those moments when it is the small hidden treasure that enchants and delights.
I almost stepped on a small clump of violets beside the path, almost hidden from view, they shone in the watery sunlight. I think the thrill of discovery keeps childhood joy alive. The nicest thing about living up a dead end road is when people discover our Shepherds Huts. The huts are are not overly advertised so when people discover them and then leave comments in the visitors book like "what a find - a gem of a place "  or " discovering you made our day" , we are really delighted.
Small but jewel like is the order of the day, so enjoy your own discoveries this weekend.

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