Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day off !

Five years ago we built a small wooden chalet on the croft which was to house the Glimarkra Rug Loom and my art / textiles "stuff" Since then the studio has doubled as a storage space waiting for the day when we renovated our cottage ! Well we haven't really finished that job yet, but there is a gorgeous attic space in the new house, and so  last week was spent moving household things over to it. Then came the task of locating all the art materials, squirrelled away under the bed, in the old caravan where I have painted for the last couple of years, from the garage etc etc Finally Monday saw the red ribbon cut and we both sat in the Studio and celebrated. It is such a fabulous space to have and I could hardly come home for meals yesterday as I painted, dyed a new devored stole and designed a few new things for the Shepherds Huts' new season. But today, as it promised to be fine, we played hooky and went to Torridon to deliver the stole to the art exhibition there. What a great day we had and tomorrow I can go back to the studio(after I have collected a ton of gravel for the croft !)

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